Tournament Format

The Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Ultimate Cosplay Showdown is a new format featuring a fast paced Cosplay Showdown live at the Microsoft NOVO theatre during Anime Expo 2019. Large interactive screens with integrated graphics and sound complement the costumes as cosplayers go head-to-head each round for the prize.

The Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Ultimate Cosplay Showdown will be streamed live on TWITCH via Anime Expo’s official live stream and Capcom Fighters.

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Prizes & Awards

1st Place:

$5000.00 Cash Prize, Trophy, and Capcom Prize Pack

2nd Place:

$2000.00 Cash Prize, Trophy, and Capcom Prize Pack

3rd Place:

$1000.00 Cash Prize, Trophy, and Capcom Prize Pack

4th & 5th Place:

Capcom Prize Pack

Only the best of the best will be chosen to compete at the Ultimate Cosplay Showdown!

Pre-Selection Process

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Phase 1 : Initial Roster

Anyone who has shown interest and has provided information through the submission process are part of the initial roster. This begins the selection process between June 7th and June 29th, 2019. You will be notified by email if you are selected to be on stage live at The Street Fighter V : Arcade Edition Ultimate Cosplay Showdown.

Quick notes:

  • Submitting as a Cosplay Team may increase your chances for selection.

  • Make sure to select a character / costume from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

  • View the current character list at



Phase 2 : Ultimate Showdown Roster ( USR )

Between June 7th and June 28th, 2019, entries from the initial roster will be pre-selected by the Street Fighter Showdown Judges and confirmed by email. If selected, entries must confirm that they will be able to attend and will then be eligible to participate live at the event!


Competition Format

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The Ultimate Cosplay Showdown is a new competition format focused on a fast paced, fun and entertaining cosplay masquerade.

For the purposes of this competition, a single ENTRY consists of either a Solo Match ( 1 Cosplayer ) or a Cosplay Team ( 2 Cosplayers ).


ROUND 1 : 60 second each Match / Segment
Either Solo ( 1 Player )  or Cosplay Teams ( 2 Players )

Each ENTRY ( either a soloist or team ) will be selected at random to enter the stage.

  • Each ENTRY will be put on stage to strike their battle poses.

  • Each ENTRY will be given a total of 1 minute to assume their battle poses.

  • Graphics on the media wall, backgrounds from the game and music will come from Street Fighter V : Arcade Edition and be selected by the Showdown Arena Managers based on your choice of unique cosplay and team compositions.

  • Judges will rate each ENTRY on their performance and uniqueness of the character.

  • The top 10 scoring ENTRIES will move on to Round 2



ROUND 2 : ( Top 10 cosplayers compete in Lighting Round )

Each ENTRY will be selected by points on the leaderboard. The ENTRY with the most points will be the first to enter the stage or followed by the next highest scoring ENTRIES in order.

  • Each ENTRY will be put on the stage in pairs.

    • ENTRY one, will have 60 seconds to strike a battle pose.

    • ENTRY two will have 60 seconds to strike a battle pose.

  • Graphics on the media wall and backgrounds from the game will be selected based on character composition as well as unique cosplayer selections



ULTIMATE RANKINGS : ( Top 5 winning entries )

From Round 2 a final selection of 5 ENTRIES will be brought back on stage and given their Ultimate Ranking.

This will be determined by total points earned by each ENTRY.

Bring your “A Game.” Show your fighting spirit and compete to win, but remember to have fun and treat all participants with respect, encouragement, and dignity.


 Judging Criteria

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There is a total of 100 + 20** points possible:

  • 35 points from costume judging / look and feel

  • 35 points from performance / poses / choreography.

  • 30 points for the cosplayer and theme composition + selection of characters / challenging variants

** 20 bonus points may be granted by special guest Yoshinori Ono, the executive producer of Street Fighter V **

To avoid bias voting, if a contestant and one or more of the judges have a personal relationship (friend, relative, boyfriend/girlfriend, or significant other) that judge will not be allowed to vote for that contestant.

Contestants must arrive before their appointed time event and have with them all the elements of the costume.

If a contestant is late, without contacting the Cosplay Showdown department, a makeup judging session cannot be guaranteed.

If special make up worn with the costume, we recommend you bring a picture of the makeup on the cosplayer so we can see the full effect.

All Contestants should prepare the following in case the judges ask:

Brief background information of character (optional)

Why you picked the character

Any success or difficulties in creating your cosplay.


Judging Scale - Construction

Judges will be looking for the cosplayer’s show of understanding of principles and efforts and achieve a consistent degree of uniformity. The skill and execution are apparent and deliver an excellent cosplay over all. Techniques used show an ability to overcome the challenges of the cosplay in a way suitable to character and style.

Superior scores go to the cosplayers that show a flawless execution of form and function. The cosplayers present a clear understanding of principal and skill as well as the ability to properly adapt it to the cosplay. Overall, it’s an amazing demonstration of excellence in all fields and looks amazing!



Judging Scale - Performance

The Judges will be looking for performers that exhibit high quality for their class. They have a clear understanding of their characters and storyline. They display great stage presence and communicate well with the audience. Performers have excellent interaction with props, sets, and audio.

Superior scores go to performers that take things above and beyond. The audience is completely engaged for the entirety of the performance. Performers display superior stage presence, understand their role, and clearly communicate their role with the audience. The story is clearly defined, has good pacing, and evokes powerful emotion.



Judging Scale - Selection of Characters / Costumes

In this category, judges will be considering the performers’ selection of the character and the composition of the costume. Questions the judges will consider include: Does the cosplayer tell a good story or work together. Is it completely random or undeniably amusing? The judges will each have their own opinion on what makes a good character selection.

== View the character list here ==

Above all, have fun, keep a good attitude and you are sure to win the judge’s favor!